Arturo wears black shirt, jeans & vivid sneakers.

Always with a black Artline pen & Moleskine sketch book. He draws inspiration from various genres in the visual arts and his life experiences.

Innovative, dynamic, refreshing, artistic and creative are all words that may go in some way to describe Arturo's design ideology. An attentiveness to architecture along with an interest in arts, fashion, interiors, graphic and product design, affirms all who seek his service, an end product that is distinctive, a building that plays on human senses and leaves a lasting impression.

In 2013 Arturo Camacho launched his studio Camacho Creative. Arturo's work spans small and large projects, focusing on innovative architectural solutions, developing homes and buildings that are highly functional, enrich daily life and inspire creativity.

Arturo studied architecture at University of Technology Sydney where he was awarded by his peers the NSW Architects Registration Board of Architects Prize. Arturo went on to work with some of Australia's respected architects, gaining valuable experience which has formed the foundation to his architectural knowledge.

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